Long Distance (LDP) Completes Longboard, Pushing, Pumping

The LDP completes, as the name suggests are made for getting far on your board. Usually equipped with big wheels, dropped through, and having a bit of flex, these boards are a great option for everyone, looking to push through the world, as they make pushing as easy as it gets.

Some of these boards are also able to pump, which is carving like movement, where you don't even have to push and move forward. Great when your legs need some rest after pushing! 

Our favorites are complete boards from Pantheon, which are great entry-level boards, if you are looking to get into LDP, they also work great as an everyday travel companion.

Our special tip, if you are big, take a look at Kahuna boards, as these are made for big Kahunas, and have no problem with carrying heavier riders, and they have a large standing platform, which makes the boards more stable.

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