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The Brand

The skateboard brand with the panda logo is known for its quality decks in different widths and shapes, but also for their wheels, accessories and skate clothes. Enjoi skating!


Enjoi Co was founded in 2000 by Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. Enjoi is characterized by the iconic Helvetica logo, bright color palettes and the famous Enjoi panda logo. Later, the head of the brand became Louie Barletta, as Marc and Rodney focused more on their pro-skating careers and released other brands, Almost Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards. Enjoi is very active in releasing skate videos, their first big shot was called Bag of Suck, which even became Transworld Skate Video of the Year in 2007.


Enjoi has joined Dwindle Distribution and is doing REGROWTH here. A sustainability mission to reduce the carbon footprint through clean production, fair labor practices giving back to the community, and planting 3 trees for every tree harvested to make skateboards with the National Forest Foundation.

The Team

Enjoi's pro team includes legends like Ben Raemers, Caswell Berry, Deedz, Jackson Pilz, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Samarria Brevard, Thaynan Costa, or Zack Wallin.


In addition to its large production of decks and completes, Enjoi also offers skaters wheels, bearings, grip tapes, and streetwear. Besides the Enjoi cartoon panda and the Helvetica logo in the graphics, cats also have their privileged position in many other designs. We have a large stock available.

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