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A Surf Skate is a testament to innovation, but also a piece of history. When skateboarding emerged in the late 40's, early 50's it was meant to keep surfers busy on days when there were no good waves. Nowadays surf skates focus on bringing the best and most authentic surf feeling on land. 

A surf skateboard is a skateboard for street surfing. It looks very much like a normal cruiser or longboard, but it has a different system. With a surf skate, the front truck has a higher angle or it can use a different system by incorporating a spiral in the truck. This ensures that you can make the same movements as on a surfboard. 

A surf skateboard is interesting for every surfer. If you are more of a cruiser or a beginner, you do not necessarily need to buy a very flexible surf skate. But if you want to make radical moves with surfing or if you already have skate- or longboard experience, you can choose a more dynamic board to improve your surfing. The relaxing thing about a surf skate is that (after practicing) you can move forward without kicking. You pump from one turn to the other and learn to surf rail-to-rail.  

At Sickboards we offer several surf skate brands. They differ somewhat in quality, but especially in truck-flexibility. We sell Carver, FLOW surf skates, Hamboards, Landyachtz, Loaded, Long Island, Original, Penny Board, Waterborne, YOW and Z-Flex. Be aware, surf skates always sell out super fast. So if you want to buy one, be quick! If you are too late, leave your email address with the skate you would like to buy. You will receive an email when we have them in stock again.

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