Bearings 8mm, Biltin, Ceramics


Ball bearings ensure that your wheels can roll smoothly. There are two bearings in each wheel and a set consists of eight bearings. The bearings on this page are sets of eight unless otherwise indicated.

You can choose from various "ABEC ratings". This scale indicates how “precise" the bearing is manufactured tolerance wise. The higher the rating, the lower the tolerances are, the more precise the bearing is manufactured. 

We also offer "Skate-rated" bearings. These bearings are specifically developed for skateboarding. They often are more resistant to impact, while doing tricks.

In addition to steel bearings, we also offer stainless steel, ceramic and titanium bearings. Furthermore, we can distinguish between "Built-In" and "Non-Built-In" bearings. Built-in means that the bearings have built-in spacers. With some of these bearings, the use of speed rings is no longer necessary.

Also find replacement parts, lubricants and everything you need to maintain your bearings here.

Do you want to know what to look for when buying bearings, or more information about the different types and maintenance? Then view our Buyer's Guide.

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