Penny Skateboard / Plastic Cruiser Beginner, Kids, Fun

These plastic little boards will work great for traveling, but also as the first board for kids, or just durable cruiser for everyday fun. Colorful and sometimes even with glow in the dark details, these boards will always attract eyes.

We have a few brands, for you to choose from.

Penny - Penny Boards from Australia, are very well put together, they are using the highest quality plastic and are most likely the first ones, who brought the plastic boards back. The Penny boards are designed in multiple shapes en sizes.

Sunset - Sunset Boards have one amazing feature - Light up wheels. So if you ever find yourself going to drinks, or riding in the night, these will look and feel amazing.

Wasteboards - For all the people that care about the planet out there, wasteboards are made out of bottle caps, and the company idea is to create skateboards, that won't turn into waste. So they made these very durable, to last your lifetime.

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