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TKP's (Traditional Kingpin), are trucks designed for tricks, grinding and street skating. However, you can also often find them on mini boards, giving them more responsive turning. Generally, you want to find skateboard trucks, that will fit with your size of the board (that's the width), but also the size of the wheels (that is low, mid or high trucks). 

Each brand that we sell has its own pros and cons. From our experience, 

Independent - Nice turnability and stability, the no.1 choice in between our customers. Durable and nice grind.

Thunder - More stable than independents, less turny. Very light.

Ace - Most turn, high trucks, great for pool skating and people that like running their trucks loose.

Grindking - Inverted kingpin to make your grinds last longer. Made in Venice. Tested with time.

Paris street - Very nice trucks for cruisers and boards that you want to run bigger, soft wheels on, as they are very high and you don't have to worry about wheel bite as much as with some other trucks.

Polar Bear - Nice skate trucks, perform very well for street, vert and even freeride. The smaller 85mm version, together with Fattie Hawgs, will make any small cruiser ride like on clouds.

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