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We carry the largest Griptape brands to keep you on your board!

In addition to different coarseness and colors, we also offer different sizes, below an explanation of the different types we offer.

From the Roll: You can buy griptape that is cut off the roll recognizable by “per 10 cm” in the title. You can determine the length of the sheet yourself. For example, if you order quantity '8' off Steez Regular Griptape Black 10", you will get a sheet of 80 cm long and 10" (≈25 cm) wide. Please take into account the length and width of your deck so that you order the correct amount to cover the entire surface of your board.

9 ” Griptape Sheet: this is a single sheet of griptape which is 9” (≈ 23cm) wide and with a length of 33” (≈ 84cm). These sheets are intended for skateboard decks because they generally come in these sizes. Please note, your deck may deviate from these dimensions!

Other sheet sizes: especially the sheets with extra coarseness often come in specific sizes and quantities. Read the description carefully to see what size and, if applicable, the amount of sheets and consider whether they are sufficient to cover your deck.

A whole roll of Griptape: as the name suggests, it is a full roll of griptape. The length of the tape is approximately 18 meters.

Board-specific Griptape sheets: some suppliers offer a pre-cut griptape design intended for a specific deck, which can be easily applied without removing any excess grip.

Would you like us to apply the griptape for you? No Problem! Just make sure to add the product “A Grip Job” to your cart.

Do you want to know which griptape is most suitable for your board? Please see the chapter Griptape in our Buyer's Guide.

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