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When should you consider to buy slide gloves, basically when you start to go down the hills. It will allow you to learn how to slide. There are basically 2 types of slide gloves, with or without finger pucks. We advise people how are new at sliding to always go for gloves with finger pucks (for instance the Loaded or Triple 8 ones), this so you don't have to worry about your fingers touching the road. Later on, when you have gotten this bit under control you can go for the ones with just a palm puck (like the BamBam, Landyachtz or Lush ones). Also, gloves can help you maintain your balance speeding down the mountain, as you can put your hand on the road and should you fall, you have the ability to dissipate the energy of a longer time reducing the impact. Feel free to contact us should you want some extra advice on finding the best gloves for you or pay us a visit and we will be glad to help you find the right gloves.

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Slide Gloves | Downhill | Longboard | Pucks

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