Warehouse Finds (WF) / Second Chance

Discover our Warehouse Finds: unique products with minor damages or blemishes. Although these items are not used, they may have been displayed in our shop or experienced some wear and tear during storage or transportation. Possible imperfections include discoloration, grip tape scratches on graphics, warping (for boards), or missing original packaging (for helmets). Each product description provides specific details on why it is discounted.

Some of these hidden treasures have been unearthed during warehouse cleanups, previously appearing as out of stock when they were actually available. That's why we refer to them as Warehouse Finds - you might stumble upon exclusive gems that are no longer found elsewhere.

Explore this collection and find amazing items at discounted prices. By choosing Warehouse Finds, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable world by giving these products a new life instead of adding to the waste. Enjoy the thrill of this treasure hunt!"

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