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Fingerboard and ramps made of wood or plastic

Skateboarding on your desk? You can with your own finger skateboard! A fingerboard is a miniature skateboard that you can do tricks with just like the big version. There are also fingerboard ramps available for an even bigger challenge. So when it's raining outside, or you don't have time to go to the skatepark, you can now practice your tricks at home!

Tech Deck Fingerboards

A great introduction to fingerboarding are skateboards from the Tech Deck brand. For a small price, you have a fully functional finger skateboard. The brand makes replicas of existing skateboard prints, and this allows you to save decks from your favourite brand!

Wood vs. Plastic

Fingerboard decks can be made of plastic or wood, but what is the difference? Decks made of wood have a better 'pop', meaning the board jumps up better when you 'kick in' the tail. Wooden fingerboards, like large boards, are made of individual layers of wood glued together. The more expensive ones even have glues or techniques chosen to give the deck a better pop and/or make it lighter. Plastic generally has a less good 'pop' but is still great for fingerboarding.


You wouldn't expect it, but the fingerboards of the Bolliewood and Blackriver brands have real ball bearings in the wheels! Just like the bearings, the quality of the wheels also varies. In particular, the more expensive wheels are made of real urethane, which significantly improves tricks and riding comfort when you are a gourmet.


Apart from obstacles made of wood, concrete and steel, there are also accessories for your fingerboard such as a handy fingerboard bag to carry your deck when you go skating with your friends or a fingerboard rack to make them jealous with your collection.

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