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In general, we can say that there are 3 types of trucks: RKP's, TKP's and Conventional

RKP (reversed kingpin): Trucks that you can find on most of the longboards, they turn more and are more stable. Then there are different materials used for them, each with its specific ways to manufacture the trucks, so you have CNC machined (precision) trucks, Forged trucks, and Cast trucks. On most of your basic completes you can find Cast trucks in around 180mm. 

TKP (traditional kingpin): Mostly used on street setups, these trucks are less turny, but at the same time quicker in their response. They are also lighter, so it is easier to do ollies on them and flip them around. Next thing is that these trucks are usually made with grinding in mind, so the metal used on them will grind nice. You can find these on cruisers quite often. Check our guide How to choose skate trucks, to see how can you dial your street trucks with your board.

Concept trucks/Surf-skate: These trucks are usually designed with even deeper turns in mind, or faster return to the center, to allow you pump easier. These trucks are usually really fun at lower speeds, but will not be safe for higher speeds.

For more information, visit our Longboard Truck Guide

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