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Caliber sees their team and you as family, and they are prepared to do anything for family. The company has a minimalist mentality when it comes to their design, but rest assured that they have developed a product that will give you the dream riding experience.


Founded in 2010, Caliber now has a full team of skate loving individuals. Tom Flinchbaugh who is a legendary downhill filmer and photographer manages their social media, with his side-kick, Liam Morgan who is a professional skater and the current owner and CEO.


The trucks are put through several testings which Caliber explains resembles a trip to “hell and back”. This means that you can be assured that you will have a pair of trucks that will not fail you any time soon.


We offer Caliber trucks in a variety of colors and sizes. Regardless of what type of deck you have, we will make sure to provide you with a truck with the best complimenting shape, size and color. On a sunny day, you may find some sunglasses too.

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