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Buy Destructo Skateboard trucks, hardware and bushings at Sickboards.

The Brand

Destructo Trucks are specialized to make grinding as easy as possible. Destructo has amazing lightness and functionality. With every grind trick comes certain destruction, hence the name Destructo. This brand was founded by Gary Parkin aka D3STRUCTO in California.

Because every skateboarder has a different preference for their trucks, Destructo has come up with the right solution for every surface. Anyway, whether you need a low or medium truck, these trucks last a long time and possess such good quality thanks to the use of aluminum from weapon manufacturing. That means you can count on Destructo trucks as you destroy every obstacle in your way!

The team

There are many pro riders who skate Destructo trucks with such advanced technology, stability and durability. Riders like; Tony Cervantes, Arto Saari, Steve Forstner, Sammy Winter, Mike Vallely, Drake Wiseman, or Jake Johnson.


At Sickboards we sell different types of Destructo trucks, bushings and pocket wax.

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