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The brand

Zero Skateboards stands for the hardest tricks. Zero Skateboards combines the ethos of Punk Rock, Rock n’ Roll and skating!


In 1996 Jamie Thomas started a company named Zero. Zero is originally a clothes store and through the years became a Skateboard store. At the time the store opened Jamie Thomas was a professional skater and was sponsored by Toy Machine. When Jamie Thomas left his sponsor, he went skating for his own company. The switch to his own company was a great decision. Because of the switch, Zero became a successful business.

The team

As the company grew, several skaters joined the company. (Adrian Lopez, Ryan Smith and Lindsey Robertson). In October 2003 Jamie Thomas started a different company with Adrian Lopez, Ryan Smith, and Lindsey Robertson. After the opening of their company “Mystery”, skateboarders Adrian Lopez, Ryan Smith, and Lindsey Robertson were also declared professional skaters.


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