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Element Skateboard - A Green Brand in Harmony with Nature and Skating

Johnny Schillereff founded the company Element in 1992 with the goal of contributing to a healthy planet as a "green" skate brand. To this day, the company fights for the environment and tries to bring nature and skating into harmony. With a strong influence from hip-hop culture and all that makes the skate community great, Element has been producing boards and other products for years that reflect the true nature of a skater. This also includes bold colors and controversial graphics.

Element Hardware - High Quality and Durable

The Element brand aims to connect you with the roots of nature by incorporating the elements of wind, water, fire, and earth into its four core values. The company places great importance on relevance, durability, and quality in all its products. This applies to both the clothing collection, consisting of hoodies, T-shirts, pants and many other items. Quality and functionality are also of great importance for hardware products such as skateboards, trucks, and wheels.

A sustainable brand that stands up for the environment - Element Skate

Sustainability is at the top of Element's agenda. Through partnerships with companies like "National Geographic" or "1% for the Planet", they are actively advocating for the environment. Through better production structures within the company and the use of recycled and renewable raw materials, Element contributes to climate neutrality.

To raise awareness of the environment among young people, there is the 'Element YMCA Skate camp', a survival camp in California, where children have the opportunity to spend an adventurous time in nature.

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Are you looking for a connection to your skate roots? We offer you high-quality products from Element, perfectly tailored to your needs. Browse our online shop and find your new favorite skateboard.

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