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These Socks are not just any regular socks. Made for “Punks and Poets”, they have style, incorporated with high quality fabrics. It is simply the best thing you could do for your feet. Stance has created fabrics which reduce smell, but also increase the lifespan of the sock. You will not go back to a regular sock once you have tried the ones Stance provides!


The company was created to appeal to those who wanted their feet to receive that love it rarely gets. They wanted to create socks that were bold and expressive and aimed for the market that wished to achieve the same thing. This is why they say that their audience are “Punks and Poets” as many rule breakers throughout time have loved Stance socks. People such as Rihanna and Ishod Wair swear by Stance.


If you are looking to expand or start your Stance collection, we have it all here for you. All types of socks, for all types of people. For the cozy boxer types, we also have those for you!

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