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Dutch Downhill Division Skate Community

The Foundation

Dutch Downhill Division is a Dutch Downhill Skate community. It is still active and always open for new members. Together they roadtrip to big events, push boundaries and most of all get better and better! Recently they introduced their own skate clothing, for everyone!


DDD was founded in 2014 by Arjan Koek and Edwin van der Sar. In the beginning Arjan founded the Den Haag Rookie Downhill Division to teach people how to Downhill skate, which eventually led to this community. The group grew bigger and bigger and they also got better at Downhill skating. The current crew has been together for 3 to 5 years and they still welcome new members!

The Team

The team behind the foundation are Dane Mondt, Lisa Peters and Bart RiemVis. The community consists of 50 active participants and together they roadtrip to big events.


At Sickboards we offer the hoodies and t-shirts of the DDD! Check them out quickly and also promote this great foundation.

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