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Orangatang Wheels' focus is on environmentally conscious design and production, and at the same time features great functionality to the design.


Orangatang has been on the market since 2008, offering a wide range of wheels for your board. Orangatang is one of the most famous longboard wheel companies in the whole world. One of the first releases was Orangatang 4President and In Heat wheels, which have sharp lips and provide great performance and solid grip. After rolling on a couple of worldwide races, these wheels were accompanying the winning racers, which made them even more popular. After sliding off that glossy layer you will get soft finish wheels, that might be fun for freestyle skating.


Materials that became so famous in Orangatang wheels are Happy Thane for grip, Euphoria Thane for slides, Peachy Thane for freeriding, and Perky Thane for tech sliding and skateparks. Orangatang's color coding is an indicator for the hardness of wheels, orange is 80A and purple 82A, then yellow is 86A. Nevertheless, Orangatang gained its happy customers also thanks to developing famous Orangatang Nipples or Knuckles bushings.

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