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DB Longboards , which stands for “Dashboards’, is a longboard brand who are heavily inspired by the Northwest’s beaches, concrete and snow. They aspire to achieve adventure and ride the best boards possible. They use high-tech engineering and good quality materials to create their boards. Simply try them out and see what the hype is all about!


In the summer of 2003, Ricard Docter, Tim Mackey, and Bryce Hermansen wanted to create a longboarding brand, founded in sheer love for the sport. It started in their garage in Tacoma, and then moved to Bryce’s grandmother's barn. Now the business resides in a factory just a few miles away from their original garage. The locations of the production may have moved, but their mission remains the same; treat customers and employees like family, create amazing products and do so sustainably.


100% of the scrap materials in DB longboards is repurposed into downstream products. In other words, they have zero landfill waste production in the making of their decks. Moreover, they aim to only use water based chemicals and Low VOC to keep their employees and earth healthy and happy.


Here you will find beautiful DB longboard completes, in different shapes, sizes and with different beautiful and creative designs.

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Mounting of Trucks

Drop in Deck


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