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Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboarding - The Legend in the Skateboarding Business

Santa Cruz Skateboards is one of the world's oldest skateboard brands, founded in 1973 by three friends in California. The brand has made a name for itself through its legendary graphics and old school style designs, as well as its high-quality deck construction and team of professional riders. The company aims to offer the best skateboards and streetwear and be a driving force in the Skateboarding community.

Santa Cruz Hardware - Decks with Innovative Technologies such as 'Everslick' and 'Powerply'

The Santa Cruz product selection on our site includes a wide range of skateboard decks, completes, wheels, griptape, longboards, cruisers and surfskates. Some boards are equipped with additional technologies such as Everslick coating, which allows your board to glide faster and last longer. Decks with "Powerply" technology have a plastic insert in the nose and tail that prevents chipping and provides reliable pop. The Santa Cruz VX technology also contributes to long-lasting pop through a fiberglass and carbon fiber layer.

In addition to hardware, Santa Cruz also offers stylish streetwear to complete your skateboard look. Hoodies and t-shirts with iconic logos such as the "Screaming Hand" are a hit in the skateboard scene and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Santa Cruz Community - A Part of the Skateboarding Scene

But Santa Cruz is not just a brand that sells cool products. They are also part of the skateboard community and support skaters through sponsoring and partnerships with events and athletes. We are proud to be part of this cool community and want you to be a part of it too.

Discover the Variety of Santa Cruz Products

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Santa Cruz products and get ready to rock the streets in style! You won't regret it.

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