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Free Wheels decided to do something different than all the competitors on the exciting market. Free Wheels is a company based in Washington with a wide range of wheels of different sizes, shapes, and urethane construction. These wheels match any need of every rider. These Free Wheels come in beautiful colorways. Ready to shred Free wheels? You will definitely be happy!


When Free Wheels started they didn’t want to get caught up with gimmicky cores, or race urethanes, so they were focused on making some of the dirtiest dumpers and slippery sliders ever.


At Sickboards we offer various Free Wheels, such as the Free Willies. They are one of the staple freeride wheels, featuring a stone ground contact patch and a buttery slide thanks to the Gold Standard Formula. The wheel is perfect for slide jams, floating big slides and general freeriding.

Also, we offer wheels including the Smoke Formula, this formula is a more durable, and mildly slipperier formula than Gold Standard. This is still a thane laying formula, but in a harder to kill edition that leaves white lines on the ground.

And we offer wheels with the Platinum Formula the most slippery formula of wheels and when mixed with our 70mm Free Spirit shape it offers a nice combination of fun slides with a small amount of extra grip compared to the Free Quincys.

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