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Aera Trucks has been developing most successful downhill trucks ever made already since 2009. Unstoppable innovation of these famous downhill Aera Trucks, brought in many World Championship wins, that is confirming the quality that the Aera Trucks stand for.

If you are searching for the best feeling trucks ever ever and ever ever ever, this should be your choice. What are the biggest pros of Aera Trucks?

Aera Trucks are super light, thanks to the elimination of steel in axles and a large portion of excess aluminum in the truck.
Aera Trucks are composed of high-grade materials, which makes them 50% stronger than most other precision trucks.
If you are searching for extraordinary stability, Aera Trucks are here for you, they have been tested up to 80mph and the design was made from the ground, eliminating any wobbles and bringing you super-smooth slides.
If you are ready to win some freerides, higher angle baseplates will help you shine on any slide jam or freeride competitions.
Another big advantage is a flippable hanger, replaceable axles, optional baseplate angles, and an open bushing seat. Statistically, Aera Trucks are the champions in downhill skateboarding competitions, so there should be no hesitating about riding these beauties if you are a downhill fan.

If you are wondering about how the ride looks like on sexy Aera Trucks, you should check out some videos of Aera Trucks famous team riders as Byron Essert or Kevin Reimer.

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