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Imagine a truck that is the most competitive and successful downhill truck ever made. This is what Aera trucks have created. With consistent results and innovation, they have made a name for themselves in a fast moving sport. What makes these trucks so great is not just the lighter weight, high grade materials used, exceptional stability, but they also allow for a flippable hanger, replaceable axles and they have an open bushing set. This means that regardless of what type of truck you would like, Aera gives you the freedom to customize it to your liking!


The brand was founded in 2009. The owner discovered that every truck he tried was always missing something. It could be issues with geometry, high speed wobbles or other issues. Aera trucks accumulated all of these common issues and created the ultimate trucks to eradicate all of these issues and in turn, produce the ultimate, never failing truck.


Here you will find axles, baseplates, stickers, hardware and more!

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