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Ace Trucks are standing out with a slightly rockered hanger, that should respond well to a grind shock and also provide you with a better lock-in. Ace Trucks are slightly thicker in the center. They are simple and slim, you can find a lower set kingpin for fewer hangouts on your new Ace Trucks. Most popular from the Ace Trucks are Ace Classic 33 and 44.

Finding the right size of your trucks for your deck never has been easier, Ace 33 is for deck from 7.75” to 8.1” and Ace 44 are for the decks from 8.1” to 8.5”.

Ace Team is called Ace Pilots and there belong legends like Oskar Rozenberg, Kevin Rodrigues, Dane Brady, Tom Remillard, Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Brian Delatorre, Eli Reed, and Brad McClain.

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