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Luxe provides skateboard and longboard parts to make better experience from riding. One of the main thoughts of Luxe is to make skateboarding more affordable and get the skaters parts that are good quality at the same time. Tasteful line of trucks, risers or bearings. Trucks are constructed of die cast aluminum and carbon steel axles, allowing you to lean low for carving.

Luxe skateboard bearings come in Abec 7, and 9 rated styles. The higher the bearings rating is, the more friction changes. Luxe bearings have removable rubber shields, chrome steel balls, nylon retainers, and chrome steel outer/inner races, which makes them quick and dependable.

Luxe risers are made from thermo performance formula with the appearance of a hard riser, but there's just enough flex to work with all concaves. 

Try out some of Luxe components and get ready for great quality and price in one.

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