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These boards look like they come straight from the set of “Back to the Future”. Do not be fooled, they are not a set prop, but they are high performing and technologically advanced longboards. Their boards are optimal for long distance skateboarding, and use integrated fenders/wings and carbon fiber-reinforced production methods to give you an experience that is way ahead of its time.


In 1999, the team of Rollsrolls had the idea of creating an ergonomic and technologically optimized skateboard to help them get from A to B. This developed further to the regular boards that would be found in that market as the engineer and founder of Rollsrolls, Peter Sanftenberg put his creative genius and created these extraordinary boards. In 2003, Jack smith and his team skated across America. The total distance was 5000km and they did so in less than 21 days. This was done on Rollsrolls boards and in turn resulted in a world record. In 2007, the Rollsrolls broke another record by skating across australia.


If you are looking for a high performance deck which will also be the best riding experience you have ever had, you are in the right place! Here we offer the nicest and most up-to-date decks Rollsrolls have to offer.

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