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Jart Skateboards was founded in 2001 in Spain by three brothers: Igor, Iban and Ander Iraola. Soon Jart became internationally known. Jart produces all its skateboards in Europe as one of the few skateboard companies.


Jart is also very environmentally conscious, all decks are individually pressed to ensure the same quality for each skateboard deck. The location of the factory in Spain has many advantages when it comes to sustainability. According to Basque industrial law, all waste materials must be recycled at Jart Skateboards. The wood that is used comes only from sustainably managed forests. For the Jart brand, 'Save our Planet' is not just a label, it is simply an important ideal.


At Sickboards, we offer a wide range of Jart products, from pro decks, team decks or complete skateboards. With Jart, you get products of the highest quality at a good price.

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