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Pantheon strives to deliver attention and intention with their boards. They always pack attentive design whilst having purpose-built longboards. With heavy thought into detail and aerodynamics, the boards are made with wood and shapes that cater to an ergonomic ride. With all this in mind, they are simply beautiful boards. With the motto of “skating ‘til we die”, Pantheon have created boards which will maximize your riding experience, whether you are riding on flat ground or bombing hills.


The company was founded in 2014 by Jeff Vyain, with the intention of creating cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing boards which would give it’s rider the best riding experience. Jeff began his journey by having the dream of skating every day. Later on in life he made his dreams come true and competed on the world stage as a distance skateboarding athlete. During this time, he realized that he wanted to improve the shapes, general message of the products and their design. This is how Pantheon came to be. Today, the company values their skaters, and much like Jeff and his original ambitions, he makes sure to improve the shapes to help cater to the needs of the rider.


When purchasing Pantheon boards, you will know to receive a product where the company has thought of every aspect in terms of sustainability. The company ensures that their boards are made with eco-sustainable design and use conservation of materials when producing their products.


If you are looking for a beautiful Pantheon deck to add to your family, look no further! We have them, just for you.

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