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Don't Trip Skate is a company based in the USA that is focused especially on high-grade Precision Trucks. Don't Trip features CNC Machine Precision from Aircraft Grade Aluminium. Don't Trip stands for the best Precision Trucks Lineup you can imagine, whether it is Slalom, LDP, Downhill, or Freeride, you will enjoy every single ride with these amazing trucks.


When it comes to most trucks, the stock standard cast hangers and base-plates are just fine. But if you really want to fine-tune your downhill or slalom set up Don’t Trip trucks are the way to go. Not only can you adjust the width of the truck via the use of spacers, but you can also adjust the hanger angle to change the truck's geometry. Tech trucks ain’t cheap, and nor should they be. Small batch precision manufacturing comes at a price. The high quality is making them super durable.


At Sickboards we offer various Don’t Trip Precision Trucks, make sure to check them out!

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