Tony Hawk Skateboard Shop 180

Building on the dream.

His success may sound predestined, but it was more about passion and practice. “The first time I picked up a skateboard, I ran into the fence because I didn't know how to turn,” he told Rolling Stone.

In 1999, Tony teamed up with Activision to create the Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ video game. His life would never be the same. In a stroke of good timing, at the X Games that same year, he became the first skateboarder to ever land a 900, which was considered the holy grail of vert skateboarding at the time.

Today, his business skills have helped create a Tony Hawk brand that includes a billion-dollar video game franchise, with a remastered Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ 1+2 game released in 2020 to rave reviews.

Also in his portfolio are Hawk Clothing apparel company, Birdhouse Skateboards and the Tony Hawk Signature Series sporting goods and toys.

His speaking engagements draw huge crowds, inspiring everyone from media savvy millennials to corporate veterans. 

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