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We know you love good socks, especially socks that are built to last. This is why Alfredo Gonzales is what you have been looking for! With technology which was developed to enhance the design of the stitching in the socks, handlinked toes for a seamless finish, and they come pre washed to ensure that the shrinkage is minimal. Get a pair of these socks, we promise; you will not be disappointed!


In 2011, the founder Alfredo Gonzales came out with his first collection which was positive and rebellious. Be wanted to highlight all the twisted ankles out there by clothing them in beautifully made socks. Now the founding pillars of the brand are in style, quality and authenticity.


This brand cares for you and the planet. They have adopted responsibility by removing all excess plastic, changed the paper in their packaging to recycled paper, producing locally, and using other organic materials in their production processes.


Your next favorite sock is right here! Look around, cop a pair and pamper yourself.

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