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Carver is an OG brand, the guys behind this brand invented the surf skate truck. If you are looking for a perfect surf skate buy a Carver!


It was a quiet summer in Venice, California in 1995. Greg Falk and Niel Carver had been surfing all winter and were ready to continue in the summer. But there were no waves. Like many other surfers, they grabbed their skateboards to skate down the hills to retain some of the surf feeling. Only the feeling was nowhere near surfing. The conclusion they came to was that the front truck would have to steer much easier than the rear to come close to the experience similar to surfing.

Carver is about the surfing experience and capturing the joyous feeling of flow on a skateboard. They are the original carver brand since 1996! Carver has been ahead of the modern surf skate movement with its innovative truck systems, such as the duel-axis C7 for a smooth and flowing ride, the reverse-kingpin CX for a fast and snappy ride, or the lower, lighter C5 for tricks and parks.

With the surf-inspired shapes and concaves, along with the fast and grippy roundhouse wheels, Carver delivers speed, power and flow so you can really 'Surf your Skate'. Indeed, the need for grip has never been more important than in surf skate, where you rely on the traction of the wheels to lean fully into carves and cutbacks. Roundhouse Wheels provide extra projection out of your turns, so you can complete maneuvers where you would otherwise slip.


Carver is extremely popular and always sells out very quickly... You can leave your email address on the product page of the Carver you would like to have. Then you will receive an email when we have new stock!

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