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This brand does not mess around. They know that safety is your number one priority, and they made sure to make it theirs too. G-Form has produced products which no one thought could be possible by using state of the art smart polymers and materials. They have mastered the use of 3D design, entrepreneurship, mold making, out of the box thinking and innovation when making their products and it shows. Their team consists of athletes in various fields which means that the product is created to fulfil its true task without fail. G-Form is here to make skaters feel confident while riding and make them unstoppable. When they're in a rhythm, Skaters feel unstoppable. Never have a fear of injury ever again, feel comfy while riding with just a thin, but super-efficient and protective G-Form gear.


G-form was founded by athletes who had hopes of creating protective gear that was not only functional but would highlight the sport activity experience. The original team had an extensive background in various sports, but they also had a passion for chemistry. This resulted in them managing to create formulas for protective gear, unlike anything that had been seen on the market before.


The company uses sustainability by ensuring durability. Instead of having to purchase several new protective gears throughout a year, G-Form makes sure to provide you with a product that will last you a long time without need of replacement.


Here you will find everything needed for you to feel comfortable when riding risky. We have everything from knee/shin guards, elbow guards, gloves, protective shorts and shirts, as well as protection for your tech gear.

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