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The brand

Street Plant is a 100% independently owned and operated family business. Street Plant is there for everyone who is into skateboarding. They promote the Art and Fun of skateboarding. They make the highest quality skateboards, wheels, apparel and accessories.


The brand was established in 1984, Street Plant is an independently operated company owned by the Vallely family. They’re committed to develop the highest quality skateboards and skate accessories to support and inspire the skating industry. Street Plant decks are one-of-a-kind, their decks are made from strong and durable 7 ply, North American maple.

The team

Mike Vallely also known as Mike V is an American professional skateboarder and singer and also launched the brand Street Plant. The Street Plant team also includes Kristian Svitak from San Diego and Ryan Losito from Los Angeles.


Street Plant decks are recognized by their original artworks, which often feature cartoon animals. And they are using a lot of bright colors in their graphics. At this point we do have a lot of old school decks, decks, wheels and stickers. If you are looking for a deck that stands out from the rest, you are good with Street Plant.

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