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TSG is a group of former pro-snowboarders, freeskiers, skateboarders, BMXers, mountain bikers and all-around thrill seekers with experience in product development, who also happen to be perfectionists with a scientific mindset: And TSG is all about creating the best possible protection.


The first BMX craze had just ended in 1988, and skateboarders were protecting their limbs with made-up pads and weird helmets that weren't meant for skateboarding. This was when TSG was born. Riders needed technical safety equipment, and that's what TSG gave them. Today, 30 years later, with huge advances in technology, design and style, TSG is still rider driven, still privately owned and still dedicated to making the best protective gear in the world.


World champions, innovators and leaders in the sport - the TSG Global Team embodies the TSG lifestyle and defines what it means to be a pro.


At Sickboards we offer various TSG helmets and separate accessories that go with them. In addition, we also have different protection from TSG.

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