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You may ask yourself: “ what is the most reliable and loved skate wheel out there?”. The answer is simple: Spitfire of course! The brand is a true icon within skateboarding and rightfully so. They have quality unlike any other out there. They create wheels for different types of skaters, which means that you will surely find the wheel that fits your style the best.

The latest release is the famous Spitfire Formula Four Wheels, which are thanks to innovative urethane composition flat spot resistant and high durable. Spitfire Formula Four wheels are great for street and also park skating comes in two Duros 99A and 101A.

Spitfire Classics and Bigheads are slightly cheaper and still ultra-satisfying with their classic material mix and usually their classic shape. Classics and Bigheads usually come in the Classic Shape. As one of the main graphic features is the famous Bighead logo, which appears on the wheels, streetwear, accessories, and hardware. Matching up with this logo is Spitfire's motto “Burn Forever”.


Founded in 1987, the company wanted to create wheels which any skateboarder could always rely on. Their popularity came when they released a video in 1993 titled “Spitfire”.


You are obviously looking for the best bearings and wheels a skater could wish for. We have them all here! Wheels, bearings, grip tape and even sick clothes!

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