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With a Decent bag, you won't lose your board while travelling and you can carry your skate or longboard in comfort! Decent bags are famous all over the world for their great quality. They also offer different sizes, so your luggage will always fit in a Decent bag. Decent Hardware is an independent company, handmade and designed by skaters. Buy this super functional bag and never worry about travelling with your skate gear again.


Decent Hardware was founded in 2006, out of pure necessity. The owner of Decent found out that there wasn’t a convenient way to effectively carry your skateboards when travelling. The prototype of the Body Bag was drawn in a small flat in Thailand and is also produced in the neighbourhood. The owner of Decent improved the design after that with the feedback he got from customers. And has been testing the bags himself for years.


Decent is handmade and designed by skaters. Decent is not cheap but offers very good quality. Decent also stands for fair production.


At the moment we have a large stock of Decent bags available! For example, we have the Decent Skate Bag, which can carry a board on the inside but also on the outside with the appropriate straps. We also have the Park Bag, which is comfortable and super functional. This bag can carry three boards! The Body Bag is ideal for travelling and can even carry an electric skateboard!

We have all bags in stock in different colours and sizes!

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