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The Brand

Loaded makes the best bamboo longboards, riding them will give you a loaded smile.


Loaded started as a passion in the mid-90s. The founders were looking for ways to emulate snowboarding and land surfing. The decision to start a company fell in 2000 after a series of chance events. After much trial and error with a variety of materials and production methods, they launched their first board, The Vanguard. Soon after, other legendary Loaded longboards followed, such as the first Loaded drop-through, DT longboard; the Dervish Sama and the all-rounder, the Loaded Tan Tien. Nowadays Loaded's assortment consists of more than 10 models, at Sickboards these models can be ordered as complete but also as deck only.

The Team

Loaded has worked hard to build a close crew of diverse and unique individuals who share a common passion for going crazy and longboarding. And this approach goes beyond just the internal crew. Loaded chooses their own suppliers who are like-minded and whom Loaded believes are the best in the world at what they do. This is why we are proud to carry the Loaded brand.


Loaded makes and builds what they want to ride! - 'We build what we want to ride'. Loaded is passionate about materials and they are committed to environmentally conscious design and production. They also put a lot of time, energy, effort and passion into designing the print of the board. As a result, each longboard has a cool graphic. The ideas and design of all products are driven by a small, project specific, internal team, followed by input from the entire internal crew and selected ambassadors. The strength of each project team is built on a foundation of trust, maximizing individual strengths/perspectives, accountability and constructive criticism. The result is both a refined product and gripping personal growth.


In our stock of Loaded, we have several models of longboards suitable for different purposes. In addition to the different models, Loaded is also the only one to have the boards in different flex quantities. All Loaded boards feature high quality Bamboo and Fiber material, which is light and abrasion resistant, but which also creates the flex. When the number is higher there will be more flex in the board, when the number is lower it will feel stiffer. This way every rider can choose the right deck and you are not bound to a limited number of models.

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