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Thunder Skateboard Trucks is a company based in San Francisco, founded in 1986. Their signature design is lightweight, that provides a super-fast response with turning. With Thunder Trucks, your board control will be on point and the board's strength invincible. Thunder Trucks comes with a guarantee for life, for what more can you ask?

Throughout the Thunder series, you can find famous Team Hollow editions or Hollow Lights with premium-grade hollow kingpins. The difference is that the Team series is designed for extra height and wheel clearance, they have original baseplates that are 1mm taller. Thunder Hollow Lights are extra strengthened with reinforced hollow axles and then Titanium Lights include extra-strong titanium axles.

And who is standing or better literally skating for Thunder Trucks? You can see rolling on these Thunder Trucks for example Ishod Wair, Jamie Foy, Tyshawn Jones, Kyle Walker, Shane O'Neill, or Na-Kel Smith.

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