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Are you seeking a shoe that will not fail you? Look no further. Etnies has for years been the reliable go-to shoe for many skaters. This brand has been sponsored and worn by almost every ‘90s legend. With icons such as the world renowned Tony Hawk and Avril Lavigne adoring Etnies practical and stylish shoes, it needs no further explanation as to why you cannot do anything but love them too.


The footwear company was founded in Lake Forrest, California in 1986 and has managed to stick around for many decades and will be around for many more decades to come.


Etnies finds that sustainability is one of their core values. With every shoe sold, they make a donation to “” where they plant a tree in Brazil to help battle the environmental challenges we face today. So far, 2 million trees have been planted with Etnies since 2011. Moreover, they have zero policy for any forced labor such as slavery and human trafficing in their supply chain.


Here you can find Etnies skate shoes, but also grip tapes, accessories, shirts, socks and handy skate bags so that you can skate wherever, whenever.

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