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RVCA success as a lifestyle retail brand is thanks to connecting different subcultures and personalities into a tribe.

RVCA was founded in 2001 by PM Tenore in California, USA. The RVCA logo is based on the two symbols, the V & the A, representing the brand's ethos "The Balance of Opposites" as stated by RVCA founder PM Tenore. With the sponsorships, RVCA got focused on various sports, not only skateboarding and surfing but also non-traditional combination Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

Have a look at RVCA clothing, find RVCA hats to protect your head in the summertime or get cozy with RVCA boardshorts that gives you maximal comfort either in the water or just as a casual daytime fit. Check out the new RVCA shirts, hoodies or swimwear and we will make you happy by delivering you a brand new hot piece made with ethical thinking and supporting artists. 

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