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The beauty of RVCA is that they do not conform to any current trends. They are a design-driven lifestyle brand and they can pass easily as items found in a boutique whilst being a skateboarding brand. RVCA believes in the big picture. They wish to inspire the future generations by providing something of substance and culture and doing so with integrity. If you own any of their products you are a part of their family which is a close-knit community.


RVCA was founded in 2001 by PM Tenore in California, USA. The RVCA logo is based on the two symbols, the V & the A, representing the brand's ethos "The Balance of Opposites" as stated by RVCA founder PM Tenore. With the sponsorships, RVCA got focused on various sports, not only skateboarding and surfing but also non-traditional combinations Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.


The company believes in the future generation. They therefore donate a lot of money into charities and communities. Furthermore, you will find them sponsoring large and small events within the sports community.


We know you want to dress in style. Luckily, we have the finest selection of what RVCA has to offer. We offer everything from hats, shirts, trousers, hoodies, t-shirts and even bags.

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