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If you are a fan of skateboarding in the 90’s, you have definitely heard of bLind before. They are a brand that essentially existed to push the narcissistic boundaries of its time and strived to make the community into a better place through controversy.

Do not get fooled by their shakey history, they are icons for a reason. Blind is a company you can trust to deliver proper products, with a good message.


In 1989, Mark Gonzales who worked at Vision boards decided to quit and create his own brand. This is where Blind boards were created, as a dig toward his past.

Before their success, Mark Gonzales used Blind as a way to establish justice with the people whom he did not like in the skate industry by not only taking over his competitors team riders, but also copying their designs and boards with a “Blind” twist. The one deck that put him on the map was his spin off on the Powell Peralta board.


The skate community is not exactly known for being sustainable. After being one of the leaders within the skating world, bLind is trying to make it into a better place by reducing their footprint through clean manufacturing, giving back to the community, fair labor practicing and planting 3+ trees for each harvested to make skateboards with the National Forest Foundation.


Of course you need a bLind product in your life! We have anything from completes, decks to stickers and clothes. Check it out!

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