Luca Longboards Dancing Downhill

Luca Longboards is Poland based brand, it stands for quality and innovation, amazing durability, and robustness. In Luca production innovative materials, natural components, and technologies are priorities. Luca tries to control their products with sustainable growth and is an important part of every process. 

Luca Longboards are cut with high precision CNC machines, which makes edges and mounting holes exactly the same as in the design. Decks are then pressed using high temperatures in a hydraulic press for the best bond ever. Luca designed the 3D kicktails for maximum control and confidence while riding. The symmetrical shape of Luca Longboards takes care of taking away all your worries either you are regular or goofy.

For all freestyle tricks, Luca designed Double Kicks. The stiffness of the board provides you with amazing stability. Premium top sheet material ensures that the graphic of Luca Longboards will last as long as possible. WTF Core technology was engineered to create special core construction with a mix of wood types, which makes Luca decks lighter and more responsive. 

Other of these amazing features of Luca Longboards include directional shape, rocker, water resistance, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and 360° sidewall. 

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