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Are you looking for dependable wheels which are great for all purpose longboarding, cruising and Old School riding? You are in the right place! 3DM produces wheels which are loved by novices and elite racers alike. You will not be disappointed with 3DM wheels.


Seismic began pouring high-performance wheels on a larger scale in 2004, when they took over the 3DM line. The original Cambria, Avalon and Avila shapes utterly dominated international slalom racing for years. They're still used by elite racers, cruisers and carvers around the world. Since 2005 they've developed even more advanced wheels under their flagship Seismic brand, including shapes that have won numerous World Championship titles in both Slalom and Downhill racing.


We know that you are looking for your next wheels. Luckily for you, we have them all for you! Regardless of size, or color, we have anything to your liking!

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