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Snow falls everywhere and covers the entire landscape, and that's why snow skating is so much fun. Grab a shovel and get creative in your backyard by building some ramps, ride at your favorite skate park, bomb some hills in the woods, skate at your favorite spot on the street; the world is yours! Check out the Ambition SnowSkate videos for inspiration and remember it's all about having fun!


The brand was founded in 2004 and they are focused on the progression of snowboarding innovation. Each season, they take pride in the high-quality snowboards they produce and push the limits of the sport further and further.

The Team

Our premium snow skates take our classic team construction one step further, with full graphics on the bottom and top concave for improved board control and board feel. Designed by our pro riders, and are one of the best snowskates around, offered in distinctive shapes and sizes to fit all riding styles. Although they are cheaper, we make sure our team models live up to the hype by including all the key features that make the Ambition snowboard construction famous.


At Sickboards we offer a variety of Snowskates, take a quick look around, and be ready for the winter season!

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