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Primitive Skateboards - rock your skatepark

Primitive Skateboarding - Founded by skate pros, inspired by the scene

Primitive, the brand founded by real skate professionals, including the legendary Paul Rodriguez, began in California, USA in 2008 with the goal of shaking up the skate scene. By 2014, it had become a fixture in the skate world and has since brought a breath of fresh air to the streets and parks.

Primitive Skateboard - High-quality streetwear and hardware

Primitive places great emphasis on the quality of all its products, which is why the skateboard decks are constantly being developed to optimize the concave and shape. We offer some classic logo decks, but also many unusual graphics that are heavily inspired by the rap scene and TV shows. There are exciting collaborations with well-known brands like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Tupac Shakur. To match, we have cool hoodies, shirts, and caps with the designs of your new skateboard. All the clothes are practical and casual - just right for your next ride in the skatepark.

Primitive Skatepark - With a strong connection to the skate scene

The Primitive Skatepark, built in 2021 in California, serves as a meeting place for team riders. Here, techniques are refined and tricks perfected, bringing new motivation and inspiration to the skate scene.

Discover the latest Primitive skate decks and outfits - perfect for your next session

Are you curious about what we have in store for you in the online shop? Check out the entire Primitive skateboard and streetwear collection on our site and find the perfect combination for your next session. Let's rock the streets together!

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