Schmitt Stix Skateboard Old School

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As a brand known and loved for their old-school designs, Schmitt Stix decks are still inspired by their original blueprints and remain as popular as ever among riders of all ages.


Schmitt Stix was founded by crazy skateboard professor Paul Schmitt. Paul may seem crazy, but not many people know as much about skateboard construction as he does. He knows how to determine the right wheelbase to create a perfect pop or more stability or sharper turns in his designs. Schmitt Stix is owned and operated under Select Distribution, which also owns established brands like Elephant, Hosoi, Palisades, The Pickle Board Co, and Magic.


Schmitt Stix skateboard decks are made and built with a deep, modern concave shape for solid feet, balance, and control. Designed in traditional and cruiser shapes, Schmitt Six designs boards for skaters who are passionate about freestyle riding, speed, and performing technical tricks! Check out our collection! 

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