Hosoi is great oldschool skateboard brand

Hosoi Old School Skateboard

The brand

Christian Hosoi is the founder of Hosoi Skateboards. The brand features boards based on original shapes and designs and modern takes and designs on those same classic boards. Hosoi also offers mini popsicle boards for all the mini rippers out there! There are even new graphics from guest artists like John Lucero or Mark Gonzales These boards are made in sunny Costa Mesa, California.

The team

The Hosoi skate team consists of Christian Hosoi, Eddie Elguera, Lonny Hiramoto, Micke Alba, Allen Losi, Lincoln Ueda, and more great names..


At Sickboards we offer various skateboard decks from Hosoi, make sure that you check them out and maybe even bring them home. You will not regret it!

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