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The Brand

Ronin Trucks are the first aluminum billet trucks with true precision handling like no other on the planet. Most precision trucks handle like a cast truck, but they are stronger. Ronin trucks are the first trucks to offer true tracking without the feel of a ridged truck, in many ways thanks to the unique, patented SupportPin™ technology that truly sets Ronin apart from other trucks.


Ronin was founded in 2010, with the goal of helping a friend, Mischo Erban, achieve his personal goals. His goals included winning the IGSA World Championship and setting the official downhill speed record. Since then, so many skaters have embraced the same passion that Ronin was founded on and it is now the most sought-after truck on the planet.

The Team

Ronin Trucks also has one of the best downhill teams with names like; Max Capps, Daniel Engel, Emily Pross, and much more!


At Sickboards we are proud to offer several precision trucks from Ronin!

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