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These legendary boards are created in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Every board is handcrafted by the Rocket team from start to finish. They create boards with new shapes and concaves and only use certified wood with the best reinforcing fibers. This mastery in craftsmanship results in lighter and more durable longboards. Creating amazing boards is their passion, so why expect anything else than perfection?


It all started in 2009 when the creator found a forum online where they discussed longboard construction. Out of this, they wanted to try it out for themselves and started experimenting with different materials and techniques in hopes of creating groundbreaking boards. Said and done, after years of trial and error, Rocket now creates boards which are next level. In 2013, rocket sold their first official board and since then the company has grown year by year and is an inherent part of the longboarding community.


Besides having crazy techniques in the creation of their boards, Rocket also makes sure to produce their decks with sustainable wood with carbon, glass or flax fibers which creates a light and long lasting deck.


Here you will find Rocket decks in different sizes and shapes. Pick the one that speaks to you. You will not be disappointed!

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