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The brand

If you're a beginner, Globe is the right brand! Globe has longboards and skateboards with super cool graphics. Globe also makes shoes and streetwear.


In the eighties, skateboarding in Australia was more of a niche. Because of this, the local skate goods were not of good quality. In 1984, the Hill brothers founded Hardcore Enterprises, their own distribution company, to import higher quality products from the United States. Besides hard goods, they also started importing clothing and accessories in 1987. Due to its success, they founded their own brand Globe, together with their brother and later CEO Matt Hill. Not much later, the first Globe skate shoes with the famous Globe logo appeared on the market. Nowadays, the Australian skate brand is a household name all over the world.


Globe's mission was to control every production step. This is why they founded the DSM Premium Woodshop. The skateboard deck factory works closely with skateboard legend team rider Rodney Mullen to guarantee top quality. As a result, all stages of the production process are controlled, so each deck arrives at the customer as if it were handmade. The Globe Bantam, Globe Blazer cruiser and Globe Pinner complete longboards are among the most popular complete setups and are so cool thanks to their quality and especially timeless and contemporary graphics.

The team

The Globe team consists of big names; Mark Appleyard, David Gonzales, Rodney Mullen, Ryan Decenzo, Sammy Montano and Paul Hart. These riders have been part of the team of the Australian skate brand for years and show that Globe is still firmly rooted in the skate scene after 25 years. Are you looking for a Globe skateboard, Globe longboard, Globe shoes or Globe streetwear? We have a large stock!

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