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The Australian skateboarding legend Globe: high-quality products since 1994

Globe, a legend in the skateboarding scene! The brand's roots date back to 1984 when brothers Peter and Stephen Hill founded a distribution company in Melbourne, Australia to import high-quality skateboarding products from the US. After 10 years of importing, it was time to create their own brand - and so Globe was born in 1994! Since then, Globe has become a global leader known for its innovative hardware and streetwear designs.

Top quality at unbeatable prices: Skateboards and longboards from Globe

Our online shop offers a wide range of skateboards and longboards with super cool graphics that are particularly suitable for beginners. From affordable complete skateboards to top-mounted pintails and drop-through cruiser boards, there's something for every riding style and skill level. Some of the most popular models are the Globe G2, the Globe Blazer, and the Globe Pinner. With the different shapes and graphics, you'll surely find the perfect board that fits your style. At Globe, every item is thoroughly tested for fit, function, and durability - so you can rely on your board completely. And don't forget to complete your setup with our stylish shoes and hats!

Green action at Globe: sustainability and team spirit for a healthy world

Globe is committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices in production and throughout the entire supply chain. With the Low Velocity line, Globe uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled resources to reduce environmental impact. 

Globe also supports the skateboarding scene through a team of professional skateboarders around the world. In addition, Globe also has a team of professional snowboarders and surfers who ride for the brand.

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Order Globe products easily online from our shop and benefit from our fast shipping and easy returns - so you are guaranteed to be satisfied. Sign up for our newsletter now to stay up to date with new products and special offers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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